NEC PCVCR Video Scene Master FAQ

What is it?

The NEC-PCVCR is a VHS Video Casette Recorder (remember those things?) that was special - it had a rs-232 port on it and almost frame-accurate video transport. The Video Scene Master software is software I wrote that was sold by NEC.

When was it made?

The software was written in the beginning of 1991. It was written to run on Windows 3.1., with a companion program that controlled one PC-VCR written for MS-DOS.

What could you do with it?

The software allowed you to independently control two PC-VCR's. You can use one to create a scene list from your video footage. You could use the VCR as a "poor man's laserdisc" (remember those things?). Or, you could create a scene list and the software would do an A/B roll and copy the scenes to the second PC-VCR in the order that you requested. Basically, a "poor man's video editor".

How can I get it?

I just found a copy. e-mail me.

How can I learn to control this PC-VCR I just bought at an auction with my own software?

e-mail me, I have some old example code written in C for both DOS and Windows


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