The Pro MIDI Player for the Atari ST


The Pro MIDI Player is the perfect program for easy live on stage MIDI sequencing. It was written by musicians for musicians with special sequencing needs since 1987.

The Pro MIDI Player can:

System Requirements

You need any Atari ST or STacy computer with 1 megabyte of RAM or more. A hard disk is useful but not required.

Simple controls

Space BarPlay Song/Stop Song/Do Loop
'\'Start/Stop Auto play
Song #, ReturnSelect Song
Up Arrow/Down ArrowSelect Song/Select Text Page
Left Arrow/Right ArrowSelect Song
Ctrl-U or 'U'Unhang notes
Ctrl-P or 'P'Pause Song
Ctrl-A or 'A'Abort Song
',' and '.'Tempo Down/Up
Ctrl-L or 'L'Load all songs
F1-F9 or F10Load Set 1-9 or 0
Ctrl-GGoodbye (exit)
HELPShow this list of key commands

If you stick a text file in the songs folder with the same name as a song except with a .TXT extension, then the player will display the text when the song plays.

There is also a crazy feature that allows the pro midi player to control lights via your parallel printer port via notes played in a specific MIDI channel in your sequence. If you are interested in this, email me at


The Pro-MIDI Player product has been available for over 15 YEARS now! The full Atari ST version is now available for FREE! However it is not being updated any longer.

You may download a the full version of the Pro MIDI Player now. The file name is '', and it is a pkzip compatible archive that contains sub-directories. You will need unzip.ttp to unzip it on your Atari, or use 'pkunzip -d' on a DOS machine and copy the files over. Yes, it is registered to my friend Don Kuhl. I couldn't find a working non-registered copy anywhere and I can't make any new versions.

Download "" - 163 KB

Contents of

  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  2000-10-23 03:36   AUTO/
    63221  2000-10-23 03:36   AUTO/NPPLAYER.TOS
    63247  2000-10-23 03:36   CFG_EDIT.PRG
    63221  2000-10-23 03:36   NPPLAYER.TOS
       92  2000-10-23 03:36   PERFORM.CFG
    37996  2000-10-23 03:36   REC_EXCL.PRG
    70106  2000-10-23 03:36   SET_EDIT.PRG
        0  2000-10-23 03:36   SONGS/
    29944  2000-10-23 03:36   SONGS/DEMO0012.MID
---------                     -------
   327827                     9 files

Scanned Documentation and Source Code now available!

I had to dig through the cobweb-infested ancient zip files to find these! This is here for your reference, and I believe the source code does not include some of my other required libraries for the Atari ST. Have fun.


Source Code


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